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Glass is like happiness...

It is the same beautiful, shiny and very fragile

A man discovered glass more than three thousand years ago and from that time is trying to continuously improve it. But the glass by itself already exists in the very pure form as a rock crystal for several million years.

The aim of R-GLASS Trade company is to be as close as possible to this original form of the crystal, made during vulcanic processes, specific by its color and shine.

The name crystal cames from a greek word krystallos which means ice. People in the past believed that rock crystal is ice, created by Gods. Natural nations had been worshipped it as a jewel and talisman.
Rock crystal is thanks to it’s unique crystallic form one of the most effective medical crystals and the strongest amplifier of the energy on this planet.

It absorbs, stows, releases and controls the energy. Besides that it can eliminate geopathogenic zones and transform negative energies.

In Slovakia, under the Silver mountain in Katarínska Huta village has been created glass, which is well known all over the world.

Glass, which is by its quality and composition very similar to the rock crystal...